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Falko Illing/ Mephisto – Jester - Phorkyas

Born in Böhringen in 1966, he grew up in a family of musicians and began playing the drums at just 6 years old. At 12, he was already performing regularly with his father, Peter, in the “Falko Illing Sextett”. At 14 came his first band, “Kongo-Müller”, followed by the band “Skill” when he was 18. In 1986, he joined the heavy metal band “Beast” as a drummer, and discovered his talent for singing. In 1991, he performed purely as a singer with “Wildthinx”. At the same time, he was honing his talent for composing songs and writing lyrics. After recording a CD, he played many concerts all over Germany. In 1994, he was tempted by an offer from the “Syron Konstanzer Band” to take part in a three-month tour of Malaysia. When he came back, he made a large number of studio recordings with a range of bands and projects with “MDF”. He was then discovered for the role of “Mephisto” in “FAUST – The Rock Opera”, which he has played in every performance since.

Christian Venske/ Faust – Sheikh - Soldier

After classical ballet training and several years of professional experience as a dancer in various theatres, Berlin-born Christian Venske quickly turned to musicals.
He has played roles including “Death” in Elisabeth in Vienna, the title role in Jekyll & Hyde in Bremen and “Dracula” in the musical theatre show in Basle.
He has returned several times to the role of “Frank ‘N Furter” in the Rocky Horror Show, while Singing in the Rain, Grease, Chess and Shockheaded Peter allowed him a mixture of both serious and fun roles.
On the stage of the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin, he was part of the sultan’s court as a sly vizier in almost 400 performances of the revue “Wunderbar – Die 2002. Nacht”.
He has also travelled the seas with the AIDA fleet of cruise liners, enchanting audiences with his “midnight journey through the world of musicals”.
Another milestone in his career was his performance as the two title roles, “Jesus and Judas”, in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar at various theatres in Germany.
Christian Venzke conceptualises, arranges, stages and choreographs gala shows and solo performances (musical, chanson, pop/rock, German pop) for official and private occasions.
He has also translated a through-composed musical into German and hopes that the first European performance of this vampire-themed work will be held soon.

Maria Kempken/ Grete – Choir Leader - Sorge - Ariel - Clown

Born into a family of artists in Nuremberg, she completed her four-year degree in Drama, Singing and Dance at the University of Arts in Berlin. After graduating with distinction in 2006, her roles have included Klara Sesemann in “Heidi – The Musical” (Switzerland), Zeitel in “Anatevka” (D/AU/CH/L), Mary Leo in “Non(n)sens” and Little Red Riding Hood in a play of the same name.
In her new home of Berlin, she has performed at the TIPI (“Fifty Fifty”), Wintergarten Varieté (“Decolleté”) and Admiralspalast (“My Fair Lady”), as well as at the Komische Oper (“Der Reiter mit dem Wind im Haar”) and Neuköllner Oper (“Erwin Kannes – Trost der Frauen”).
In 2007, she moved to New York for three months to complete postgraduate studies (majoring in Acting and Dance).
She won third place in the German national singing competition and second place in the German step dance championships.
She took on the role of Gretchen in “Faust – The Rock Opera” in early 2009 and can be seen in this role on the Brocken in the Harz. Starting this spring, Maria Kempken can also be seen in the early evening soap opera “Alles was zählt”.

Henrike Baumgart/ Witch - Marthe - Schoolchild – Earth Spirit - Dominatrix – Bumpkin

Alongside her on-stage work, the trained actor and singer is currently working together with various musicians, composing song lyrics in both German and English. This versatile artist gained her first experience on the stage at the children’s and youth ballet of Berlin’s Friedrichstadtpalast, and then at the “Ballettstudio Willi Hinzert”. She completed her acting training with the equivalent final examination at the Kammerspiele in Vienna.
In 2002, she founded the eight-man band “obscule” as a singer and lyricist. They performed at the Internationales Musikfestival Ludwigsburg/Blühendes Barock. In 2009, her band “BrechtGardenMotors” was awarded the advancement prize by the Senate for Cultural Affairs. With the concert programme of the duo “Fu:xx – voice & piano” (voice: Henrike Baumgart), she guested nationally and internationally, and the premiere of “james bond – 007” will be celebrated at the Admiralspalast and the Opernpalais in Berlin in 2011.
The singer and actor sees artistic projects in crossover fields, and especially embedding different art directions, as her personal challenge and inspiration. In 2009, she worked as “Franzi” in the musical version of “Heißer Sommer” in Berlin-Grünau.
Since October 2010, she has been performing live in multiple roles, including the witch, in “FAUST I – The Rock Opera!”.

Hartmut Hecht / Goethe - Death - Pirate - Astrologist - Sensemann

Hartmut Hecht was born on 20th February 1960 in Prenzlau. His interest in music began at an early age.
After completing training as a singer/musician, he played in various bands including "Ham's Band", "Mimosen", "Transit", "Splitt" and "Zonenrocker". In addition, he worked as a cabaret writer, music teacher and riding instructor in Germany and Portugal, directing many productions for schools during this period.
Hartmut is an excellent singer and guitarist and, like his twin brother Manfred, an enthusiastic fan of FAUST - THE ROCK OPERA. He now plays and sings in the Rock Opera as Goethe, Death, Pirate, Astrologist and Sensemann.

Music, Production, Libretto

Dr. Rudolf Volz

Cocomposition and Arrangement

Michael Wagner, Uwe Rodi, Matthias Kohl und Uwe Rublack

Production an management

Manthey Event GmbH
Michael Manthey