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Slope profile

The Brockenbahn

On this route, experience the legendary, 1142m-high Brocken and enjoy the overwhelming panorama of the Harz National Park and the fantastic view of the plains.

Since July 1992, our guests have once again been able to scale the highest peak in northern Germany with our around 700 horse power iron horses. Our steam engines make the trip several times a day and, as a purely adhesion railway, they do it without cog wheels or additional aids. The trains complete the steepest part of the route to the Brocken, from Drei-Annen-Hohne station, in around 50 minutes. Before they reach Brocken station, which is the highest station of any German adhesion narrow gauge railway at 1125 metres, they offer you a breath-taking panoramic view of the surrounding national park. Even in winter, a train ride through the snow-covered Upper Harz is a very special experience: pine forests in deep snow, snow drifts on the higher peaks and the clear mountain air on the Brocken invite you to relax and take your time. 

We wish you an exciting journey!

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27.05.1896 Concession granted to construct and operate a narrow gauge railway from Nordhausen to Wernigerode, with a branch line to the Brocken
20.06.1898 Opening of the route Wernigerode via Drei Annen Hohne to Schierke
28.07.1898 Official laying of the first stone at Brocken station
27.03.1899 Inauguration of the Drei Annen Hohne - Benneckenstein and Schierke – Brocken route sections
01.04.1908 The NWE takes over operational management of the "Eisenbahnbau- und Betriebsgesellschaft Berlin".
1945-1949 Restriction and cancellation of train transport on the Harzquerbahn and Brockenbahn due to pressure from the Soviet occupying forces
19.01.1949 The NWE is expropriated when the expropriation certificate is handed over by the Soviet military administration.
01.04.1949 The Harzquerbahn, Brockenbahn and former GHE are handed over to the Deutsche Reichsbahn to administer and use them as a trustee.
13.08.1961 Interruption of train transport to the Brocken due to the erection of the Berlin Wall; it is still possible to travel to Schierke from Drei Annen Hohne with a pass, but only goods transport is allowed between Schierke and the Brocken.
27.05.1991 The first steam engine since 1987 arrives at Brocken station; start of restoration work on the Brocken line.
15.09.1991 Rail transport between Schierke and Brocken restarts with a large celebratory event and two special trains.
01.07.1992 Timetabled trains to the Brocken start again.