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Slope profile

The Selketalbahn

Experience the romantic Selketal valley with its untouched landscape, characterised by rugged cliffs, flowering meadows, picturesque pools and extensive forests of beech and oak.

1887 – 2012: 125 years of the Selketalbahn

The Selketalbahn was the starting point for the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen. The Gernrode – Mägdesprung line was opened on 7th August 1887, making this the oldest narrow gauge railway in the Harz and closely integrated with the opening up of the Selketal valley for industry and tourism.

The Selketal valley is considered the most romantic section of the network and an insiders’ tip for fans of nature and romanticism. Climb aboard and experience its legendary natural environment! From world heritage site Quedlinburg to Gernrode, Harzgerode or even Hasselfelde, your journey will take you through the varied landscape of the Vorharz. On sometimes rather adventurous routes, the train wends its way around tight corners through an untouched landscape. On both sides of the track, rugged cliffs suddenly give way to flowering meadows, picturesque pools or huge, lonely beech and oak forests. From Eisfelder Talmühle, you have the option of continuing to the town of Nordhausen in Thuringia or travelling towards Drei Annen Hohne, from where you can either scale the Brocken or visit Wernigerode, the Harz’ most colourful town.

We wish you an exciting journey!

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10.05.1886 Foundation of the Gernrode- Harzgeroder Eisenbahngesellschaft (GHE) as a public holding company
14.03.1886 Concession granted to construct and operate a narrow gauge railway from Gernrode to Harzgerode
07.08.1887 Opening of the first section of the Anhaltinian Harz railway from Gernrode to Mägdesprung after just ten months of construction
01.07.1888 Approval of the section of the route from Mägdesprung to Harzgerode
13.07.1888 Opening of the Alexisbad – Silberhütte section
01.06.1890 The 9.3km-long sub-section from Silberhütte to Güntersberge begins operation.
01.12.1891 Official commissioning of the section of track from Güntersberge to Stiege (8.6 km)
01.05.1892 Approval of the section of the route from Stiege to Hasselfelde
15.07.1905 The opening of the Stiege - Eisfelder Talmühle section connects the GHE and NWE route networks – a milestone in the development of transport in the Harz.
06.04.1946 Transport on the GHE is terminated on the orders of the Russian occupiers. The tracks from Stiege towards Gernrode are dismantled as reparations; only the section between the Herzogschacht interchange and Straßberg remains.
01.09.1946 The GHE becomes the property of the people i.e. the Prov. Saxony, and later the VVB Landesbahn state railway.
08.03.1949 Following preliminary work to restore the GHE route that had begun as early as October 1946, the Alexisbad - Gernrode-Straßberg route is reopened. Construction continues as far as Straßberg in the months that follow.
01.04.1949 The Harzquerbahn, Brockenbahn and former GHE are handed over to the Deutsche Reichsbahn to administer and use them as a trustee.