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Rides in the Driver’s Cab

Take a ride in the driver's cab to find out all about the steam engine from inside and experience real steam engine technology with your own hands.

Have you always wondered how the steam engine is 'fed', how much coal a steam engine needs or which lever the steam engine driver uses as the 'accelerator'? You can find out the answers to these questions and much more on a ride on a real steam locomotive.

Requirements for authorisation to ride in the driver’s cab

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Your health and physical state must present no impediment to your travelling in the cab. A steam engine has much less shock absorption than an ordinary train carriage and there is nowhere to sit.

Possible routes

15 km route – possible on the entire route network except between Drei Annen Hohne and Brocken€37.00
Drei Annen Hohne - Brocken€72.00
Wernigerode - Brocken€109.00

Important information

Please note:

  • A fixed appointment (date, time, route) for the ride in the steam engine must be arranged in advance. Rides are only possible on weekends.
  • The ride can be paid for on the day at an HSB ticket office.
  • You ride on the steam engine at your own risk; HSB offers no compensation for any damage or soiling to clothing.
  • We recommend older, dark-coloured and robust clothing for the ride, as operation of a steam engine is unavoidably linked to soot, oil etc.
  • Your will be taught about behaviour on a steam engine before starting the ride.
  • Demand on the Wernigerode - Drei Annen Hohne and Drei Annen Hohne - Brocken routes is very high.

We are happy to issue vouchers (with or without fixed appointments) as a special present for railway fans. We charge an additional voucher fee of €1.50 for this service.

Those interested in riding in the driver’s cab on the Harzquerbahn and Brockenbahn:

For more information, please contact Ms Bruder on tel.: +49 (0) 3943/558-151, fax: +49 (0) 3943/558-155, e-mail: cbruder@hsb-wr.de or use our contact form for enquiries with no obligation.