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    Dampftag im Selketal
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General Travel Conditions of the HSB

 Here you find more information.

Steam Day in the Selketal

Take a ride in the driver’s cab to find out all about the steam engine from inside and experience real steam engine technology with your own hands – all in the romantic Selketal.


There are certain requirements that apply to anyone who wants to work on a steam locomotive. 

  • One basic requirement is that your senses (sight and hearing) meet at least the requirements of a normal driver (not a professional driver).
  • Safety and punctuality are the top priorities in railway operation.
  • We would therefore like to inform you that you must follow the instructions of the engine driver at all times.
  • The Steam Day lasts around six hours and there are no long breaks in between. You must therefore be sufficiently physically robust. In this context, we would also like to inform you that there is no place to sit inside a steam locomotive and that unavoidable impacts (e.g. when entering curves and points and from rail joints) while driving are transmitted with little shock absorption.
  • Furthermore, you will necessarily come into contact with greases, oils, smoke, soot etc. while on the steam locomotive. Of course, you can also make use of the sanitary facilities of the locomotive staff (wash basins, showers, WC etc.). You should bring your own hygiene items such as soap, towels and flip flops.
  • The minimum age is 18 years.

Clothing and food

  • You need ordinary work clothes for working on the steam engine, i.e. long trousers made from robust material (e.g. jeans), sturdy shoes with good grip and an appropriate top for the weather conditions.
  • You will be lent a black work jacket. You can also purchase this from us if you like.
  • When driving a steam engine, regular mealtimes and opportunities to purchase food and drinks are not possible. The break times are very short and are dictated by the timetable. We ask that you bear this in mind.

Accident prevention and insurance

  • At the start of the Steam Day, one of our staff will teach you about the dangers connected with railway and steam engine operation, and you will be asked to sign that you have understood.
  • The HSB will not accept liability in the case of soiling or damage to your own clothes or personal items (e.g. cameras).
  • In the case of damage inflicted upon you by HSB (such as due to carelessness by our staff or a technical fault) you are insured as part of our company's general public liability insurance.
  • In addition, we recommend that you take out private accident insurance, as we do not cover damage through fault of your own (e.g. on the way to and from the training or through failure to follow instructions).

Schedule for the Steam Day

The Steam Day begins at 1:00 pm at our ticket office at Gernrode station.

Following a safety briefing and local instructions, you will ride on the steam engine from Gernrode to Quedlinburg, then to Hasselfelde and Harzgerode, and finally back to Gernrode. The Steam Day ends at around 8:00 pm in Gernrode.

Cancellation for technical reasons

  • The "Steam Day in the Selketal" can only take place on certain locomotives. It is therefore impossible to guarantee that it will take place, even once the fixed date has been confirmed by the HSB.
  • Needless to say, if cancellation is necessary, we will make every effort to find alternative solutions for you, such as trips on different lines, alternative dates etc. The payment may also be refunded.
  • However, the HSB is not liable for additional claims, such as accommodation costs for accompanying persons!

Price and dates

The price for the steam day is € 159.00.

Dates for the steam day can be booked on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between May and October.

If you would like any more information or to ask about dates, please contact Ms Bruder on tel.: +49 (0) 3943/558-151, fax: +49 (0) 3943/558-155, e-mail: cbruder@hsb-wr.de or use our contact form for enquiries with no obligation.